Gokumon is a 3-piece band formed in 2004, Atsushi Osawa(Gt / Vo.), Asuka Kawamoto(Dr / Vo.) and junko(Ba / Vo.). Established a new genre of “life-adherent loud rock” with a unique style with a strange sound full of life in the roaring sound of 7-string Gt and 5-string Ba.
Gradually grabbing the hearts of a wide range of people, from young and old. In March 2018, the band’s first “Nippon Budokan One-Man Live” was a great success.
In 2019, celebrating the 15th anniversary of the formation, we are actively working on a tour for the release new album.
And this is the first time to live in the USA!

—Lyrics are kinda non-fiction
All of the lyrics are written by Atsushi Osawa(Gt./Vo.) who took part in Gokumon as a guitar vocal. For the first time, he didn’t have any idea to write lyrics then started making songs with feeling ‘Whatever’. Every lyric based on Osawa’s real-life such as the song when he had pain with tooth his favorite snack, song for his favorite snack and TV show. That’s why Gokumon’s songs are the documentary works and non-fiction.

-The meaning of 打首獄門同好会(Uchikubi Gokumon-Doukoukai) in Japanese
Uchikubi Gokumon-Doukoukai means the club of beheading in front of the prison gate in Japanese. In the United States, Osawa decided using the name shortly as Gokumon. It easy to say the name, isn’t it?

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