The band 'Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai' is a three-piece band formed in Japan in 2004.
While active within Japan under the kanji name '打首獄門同好会' (Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai),
representing Japanese culture, they operate internationally under the more easily pronounceable name 'GOKUMON.'

Featuring a mixed-gender lineup with a male guitar/vocalist and a female rhythm section,
the band is known for its unique style that combines a heavy sound with a 7-string guitar and 5-string bass.
This distinctive musical approach, coupled with laid-back lyrics infused with a sense of everyday life, has established a new genre known as 'Seikatsu Micchaku-gata Loud Rock' (Life-Immersed Loud Rock).

In their live performances, the band incorporates VJ (visual jockey) elements,
projecting visuals and lyrics on screens synchronized with the music.
This not only enhances the auditory experience but also provides a visually captivating aspect.

As they celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2024, the band is embarking on their first US tour, covering five cities.
Asuka Kawamoto(Dr/Vo)
Atsushi Osawa(Gt/Vo)


Notice of Performance Cancellations

I trust this message finds you well.
We regret to inform you that GOKUMON(UchkubiGokumon Doukoukai) will have to cancel their participation in the following two shows of their scheduled USA tour this month:

March 9th (Saturday) - New York, New Colossus Festival
March 11th (Monday) - Texas, SXSW

The reason for this cancellation is the non-receipt of visa-related documents at this time,
making entry into the United States unfeasible.
While we are working diligently to ensure the band's participation in the following shows, listed below, as planned,
we are currently unable to confirm the feasibility. Therefore, we would like to make a formal announcement once it is decided.

March 14th (Thursday) - Washington, Seattle
March 16th (Saturday) - California, San Francisco
March 18th (Monday) - California, Los Angeles

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to all involved parties, including our esteemed stakeholders and fans.
We acknowledge the disruption caused by this situation and extend our deepest apologies.

This unforeseen circumstance is a result of an oversight on the part of LD&K Inc., the organizers of this tour.
We deeply regret any inconvenience this may cause and express our heartfelt apologies to all parties affected.

Your understanding and support during this challenging time are highly appreciated.
We will continue to update you on the status of the remaining shows as the situation unfolds.

If you have any specific inquiries or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Thank you for your understanding.


Contact Information: LD&K Inc.


It has been decided to hold a US tour
covering five cities in America with BackDrop Cinderella.

Date Region Event / Venue open/start Price/Door Price Performing Artists
3/9(Sat) New York, NY New Colossus Festival--
Performing Artists
/ BackDrop Cinderella
and more
3/11(Mon) Austin,TX Tokyo Calling showcase in SXSW--
Performing Artists
/ Tokyo Syoki Syodo
BackDrop Cinderella / HALLEY
Chiaki Mayumura / and more
3/14(Thu) Seattle,WA Barboza
Performing Artists
GOKUMON / BackDrop Cinderella
3/16(Sat) San Francisco,CA Bottom Of The Hill
Performing Artists
GOKUMON / BackDrop Cinderella
Electric Machine Gun Tits
3/18(Mon) Los Angeles,CA Lodge Room
Performing Artists
GOKUMON / BackDrop Cinderella


Sales location
Only T-shirts sold
3/9 (Sat) New York, Bowery Electric
3/11 (Mon) Austin, TX Elysium

Selling T-shirts and badges
3/14 (Thu) Barboza, Seattle
3/16 (Sat) San Francisco, Bottom of the Hill

3/18(Mon)Los Angeles, Lodge Room

Payment Method
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB,
or UnionPay International logo.


Lyrics are kinda non-fiction
All of the lyrics are written by Atsushi Osawa(Gt./Vo.)
who took part in Gokumon as a guitar vocal.
For the first time, he didn’t have any idea to write lyrics
then started making songs with feeling ‘Whatever’.
Every lyric based on Osawa's real-life such as the song
when he had pain with tooth his favorite snack,
song for his favorite snack and TV show.
That’s why Gokumon’s songs are the documentary works and non-fiction.

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